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Legal Notice

As required by the Regulation the European Parliament, on the provision of Services in the Information Society and e-Commerce Services, please find below our contact details as follows:

1. Company information:
Corporate name: Green Moon España S.L.
VAT no.: B-92376458
Registered address: C/ Granada, 33, 1º dcha. 29015
Tel.: 952 22 95 29
The company is registered with the Málaga Commercial Registry at volume 3131, folio 46, General section 8, Sheet no. MA-58426, 1st entry.

2. Copyright
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3. Data protection
Within the framework of current legislation the Regulation of the European Parliament, intended to ensure and safeguard the fundamental rights of individuals in respect of the processing of their personal data and their privacy, Green Moon España S.L. hereby informs users that this website shall not request nor register any personal data.

4. Other provisions
A – Green Moon España S.L. does not use persistent cookie files, i.e., cookies that remain in your computer. Cookies are small text files that our computer may send to yours, but they will not provide us neither with your name nor with any other personal data on you. When you use your browser to visit our websites our server automatically recognises your IP address and records the day and time of the day when you accessed and left our sites as well as information on the different sections you reviewed in our sites. Such information is required by the server to communicate with your computer and send any requested information which will then be displayed on your screen.

B – Green Moon España S.L. may amend, without previous notice, any information on its website as well as any settings and display thereof.

C – Green Moon España S.L. is COMMITTED NOT TO MAKE ANY FALSE OR DECEPTIVE STATEMENTS OR ADVERTISING on its websites. For such purposes, clerical or numerical mistakes that may occasionally be found in our websites and arising as a result of any defective, incomplete or on going maintenance and/or updating of the information therein shall not qualify as deceptive advertising. Green Moon España S.L. shall correct any such mistakes as soon as it is made aware thereof.

D – Green Moon Producciones S.L. SHALL REFRAIN FROM SENDING ANY COMMERCIAL MARKETING) NOTICES EXCEPT IF DULY IDENTIFIED AS SUCH, as required by Spanish Act 34/2002 governing the provision of Services in the Information Society and e Commerce Services. For such purposes, no notice sent by Green Moon España S.L. to its clients shall be deemed a commercial (marketing) notice where the purpose thereof is the maintenance of the existing contractual relationship between the client and Green Moon España S.L. and/or the performance of any information, training and other functions typical of the service that the client bought from the company.

E – Green Moon España S.L. shall not be liable in the event of any failure by any users accessing Green Moon España S.L.’s websites to comply with any applicable rules governing such access and/or their use of any contents therein.

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