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Summer rain


It’s the 1970s in Malaga and 18 year-old Miguelito Dávila is in hospital, having one of his kidneys removed. Miguelito’s experience leaves him with an impressive scar, but he also takes a gift from a fellow patient, a copy of Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, which inspires him to be a poet.

It’s summertime and Miguelito and his friends meet by the swimming pool. There’s Babirusa, a teenage rebel with a passion for martial arts, Paco, a rich snob, and Moratalla, the baby of the group.

One afternoon, Miguelito falls in love with Luli, a girl who dreams of becoming a dancer. He decides that she will be his muse – as Beatrice is to Dante. Luli’s friend (nicknamed, for obvious reasons, “The Body”) is in love with Paco. Together the two couples explore love and sex with avid curiosity.

At the height of summer, Babirusa travels to London to discover that his mother is making a living in a sordid Soho peepshow. His friend Paco confronts his father, a corrupt businessman who is in and out of prison. While Babirusa confesses the shameful truth, Paco embraces his father’s philosophy: earning money, gaining power and showing off his women in his fancy convertible.

As the season ends, Miguelito and Luli’s love for each other is challenged. Miguelito meets a sophisticated woman who stimulates his appetite for poetry and sex. Luli guiltily accepts gifts from Cardona, a smooth lingerie salesman who pays for her dancing lessons and expects Luli’s favours in return.

The gang of friends follows the path of love, friendship, dreams and ambitions, which, like the Camino de los Ingleses, a road that crosses their hometown, could take them anywhere. But the path is tortuous and every summer has its rainy day.

Awards and festivals

  • Sundance Film Festival (USA) 2006.
  • Berlinale Panorama Special “2006 Award for Best EUROPA CINEMAS European Film Panorama Section.
  • Festival of Guadalajara (Mexico) 2007.
  • Sarasota Film Festival (USA) 2007.
  • International Film Festival Montreal 2007 (Canada).
  • Goya Awards 2007 with two nominations for best Adapted Screenplay, best Actor Antonio Soler and revelation, Alberto Amarilla.

El camino de los InglesesEl camino de los InglesesEl camino de los InglesesEl camino de los Ingleses


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